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BLOCK unwanted Gmails !!

Friends..With a simple filter, Gmail can send all incoming mail from your favorite forwarders to the Trash folder as it arrives. As an alternative, you can archive these messages and equip the with a label for later review. Block a Sender in Gmail To have Gmail send messages from a specific sender to the Trash automatically:

Follow the Create a filter link (at the top of any Gmail mailbox, near the search buttons).
Type the desired email address under From:. You can block an entire domain by entering just that.
To block all mail from both natsuko@ and, type "". To block more than one address, separate them with "|" (the vertical bar; typically above the backslash on the keyboard; not including the quotation marks).
You can block both and by typing "natsuko@|pjotr@", for example.
Click Next Step ». Make sure Delete it is checked under Choose action. Click Create Filter. Check Also apply filter to __ conversations below to delete previously received messages.
To archive and label instead of delete messages, choose Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and Apply the label: under Choose action when setting up the filter.

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